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Updated: July 24th 2006

Where’s The Best Place To
Consolidate My Student Loans?”


Dear Fellow Student,

To answer your question, I personally think that  legal buds is one of the best places to consolidate your student loans. However don’t just take my word for it std testing san antonio.

You’ll find below a comparison table on the top 2 Consolidate Student Loan lenders in America all compared side-by-side in an easy to read format. You’ll find interest rates, loan amounts, fees, and almost everything you’ll need to know before you apply. The only thing left to do after you’ve read our review, is hit apply and start consolidating your student loans today!

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To find out what student loan consolidation  is all about check out our debt consolidation company. You’ll find everything you need to know about student loan consolidation, private investigator charlotte ncwhy you should consolidate, and much more.

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Start by std testing san antonio and if you need more information about student loan consolidation you can check out our junk yard or legal buds

The Best Student Loan Consolidator
We've prepared 2 recommendations to help you consolidate your student debts.

The most important thing that we can tell you is that all 2 lenders have one thing in common, 'They will all consolidate your debts '. But it's up to you to decide which lender you want to consolidate with depending on the benefits listed below.

Top 2 Consolidate Student Loan Lenders

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Overall Rating
9.9 / 10
9.7 / 10
Easy To Apply
Customer Service
Range of Loans
Min. Loan Amount
Max. Loan Amount

Loan Consolidation Requirments

Loan Must Be Above
$0 Application Fees
No Credit Checks
No Co-Signers
No Job Required
No Pre-Payment Penalties
Consolidate While Stuyding


Loan Consolidation Application

Apply Online
Apply By Mail
Request Information Pack
Check Application Status
Avg. Time To Consolidate Loans
30 - 60 Days
30 - 60 Days
Duration of loans
10 - 30 Years
10 - 30 Years
Loan Calculators
Resources / Articles
60% lower monthly payment


Benefits Plan (Further Interest Rate Discounts)

Pay Electronically
Save 0.25%
Save 0.25%
After 36 On-Time Payments
Save 1.00%
Save 1.00%
Consolidate During Grace Period
Save 0.60%
Save 0.60%
Total Interest Lowered


9.9 / 10
9.7 / 10

Our Conclusion

If you’re still not convinced that these are America’s top 2 student loan consolidation lenders then I challenge you to find a better one and email me directly.

We’ve selected these as the top student loans consolidation program because there’s no one else out there with great customer service,  great savings on interest rates, low start up interest rates and fast approvals.

I’ve come to a conclusion that Next Student is our #1 choice to consolidate your student loans because of all the features and benefits they have. Not only do they have a great products but they'll consolidate your student loans starting from as low as $12,000. I also think they’re customer service is above average.

Now you know the Best Lender To Consolidate Your Student Loans the rest is up to you. If you’re still not impressed by what you’ve seen here check out their website and see for yourself.

I would like to send you my best wish for the future and I hope you make the right choice when you consolidate you student loans.

Your Sincerely,

Jack Summers
Consolidate Student Loans Critic

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